DIY Kits

For those who can diy!

If you’re one who takes great pride in the outcome of do it your self-projects, we can help! With our DIY kits, it makes the process easier and a lot more productive.

All structures attached to the home require a permit. We can help get you setup with an owner-builder permit application in no time! Pulling permits can be stressful and confusing. With John Ian Patio Covers LLC kits, we help guide the way, so you can get to building!

If you need help taking measurements, we are always available for a free in-home estimate for local customers!

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Classic Flat Pan Patio Cover Kit

A DIY flat pan (solid) patio cover is a great choice for providing your family and your patio furniture with great protection against any weather. It’s living space even when the weather isn’t ideal. We provide step-by-step instructions so you can easily add this aluminum patio cover structure to your home!


Lattice Patio Cover Kits

A Lattice Patio Cover Kit provides partial shade for your outdoor living space while still allowing some sunlight in. The look of lattice adds great detail to your home’s exterior.


Insulated Patio Cover Kits

A DIY Insulated Patio Cover Kit is a great choice for two story homes. These roof panels can be walked on.



It is very important builders understand their local or county building codes and regulations. We are always glad to retrieve all and any information that’s in place within in your jurisdiction. We guide you through the process and make sure your design meets local building codes and engineering requirements.

When working with John Ian Patio Covers LLC, we always verify your structure is within engineering parameters before ordering takes place. John Ian Patio Covers, LLC. is not a commercial material supplier/distributor.

*Sales only available to owner builder projects.

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